The FOM2010 conference wishes to gratefully acknowledge sponsorship from the following organisations:

Main sponsors
 Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH   
 Peking University   
 Shanghai Jiao Tong University   
Supporting organisations
 University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands   
 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)   
 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMB)   
 Andor Technology   
 Bitplane AG   
 Chroma Technology Corp   
 Coherent, Inc.   
 Beijing Eastern-Dataphy Instruments Co.   
 China Daheng Group, Inc.   
 ETSC Technologies Co   
 Eastwin LifeSciences   
 Fianium Ltd   
 Gatan, Inc.   
 JPK Instruments   
 Leica Microsystems GmbH   
 Lucid, Inc.   
 MediaCybernetics, Inc.   
 Menlo Systems GmbH   
 NBL Imaging System Ltd.   
 Nikon Corporation   
 NKT Photonics   
 Omega Optical   
 Point Source   
 Till Photonics GMBH   
 Tokai Hit Co., Ltd.   
 Spectra Physics   
 Universal (HK) Technology Co. 
 TOPTICA Photonics Inc. 
Media partner
 G.I.T. Imaging & Microscopy   
 Photonics Media