Program as of Wed Apr 07 20:26:57 CEST 2010

Sunday, March 28

12:00-19:00Registration (Entrance area Everbright hotel/convention center)
SU-AF-TUT-A (Guangyun 1)
G.C. Cox (University of Sydney, Australia) Tutorial workshop - Fundamentals of fluorescence imaging [PDF]
SU-AF-TUT-B (Guangyun 2)
J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Poland) FOM2010 tutorial workshop - Live cell imaging [PDF]
SU-AF-TUT-C (Guangyun 6)
E.M.M. Manders (University of Amsterdam) Quantitative measurement of colocalization in confocal microscopy [PDF]
17:30-19:30Opening Symposium, plenary
SU-EV-PLEN (Grand Ballroom)
X.S. Xie (Harvard University, USA) Label-free biomedical imaging: Stimulated Raman scattering and stimulated emission microscopy [PDF]
A.M. Smith & M.M. Wen & S.M. Nie (Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) Next-generation quantum dots for molecular and cellular imaging [PDF]
T. Wilson (University of Oxford, UK) Enhanced optical sectioning and fast focussing in microscopy
This contribution replaced the originally scheduled contribution, cancelled due to illness:
P. Kner & B. Chhun & E. Griffis & L. Winoto & L. Shao & M.G.L. Gustafsson (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA) Extended-resolution video microscopy of living cells by structured illumination [PDF]
19:45-21:30Welcome reception

Monday, March 29

07:30-17:00Registration (Entrance area Everbright hotel/convention center)
09:00-10:20Plenary session
MO-MO-PLEN (Presentation hall)
S. Kawata (Osaka University, Japan) Deep UV plasmonics for nano-imaging and nano-analysis [PDF]
S. Hell (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany) Nanoscopy with focused light [PDF]
10:20-11:00Coffee/tea break
11:00-12:40Parallel sessions
MO-MO-PAR-A High resolution microscopy I (Presentation hall)
L. Shao & P. Kner & B.B. Chhun & M.G.L. Gustafsson (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA) Live cell imaging with 100-nm resolution using structured illumination microscopy [PDF]
C. Preza & A. Mukherjee & V. Myneni & L. Crosby & C. Waters (The University of Memphis, USA) 3D cell imaging with computational optical-sectioning microscopy and structured-illumination microscopy [PDF]
C. Righolt & R. Vlutters & I.T. Young & S. Stallinga (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) Image formation in structured illumination microscopy [PDF]
R. Riesenberg & P. Petruck & M. Kanka & J. Bergmann (Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany) Multi-spot illumination for super-resolution microscopy [PDF]
B.-J. Chang & L.-J. Chou & S.-Y. Chiang (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan) Resolution improvements in three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy [PDF]
MO-MO-PAR-B Non-linear I, SHG (Guangyun 1)
N.K. Balla & P.T.C. So & C.J.R. Sheppard (National University of Singapore) Comparison between coupled and uncoupled dipole models for second harmonic scattering [PDF]
C.Y. Dong & P.J. Su & W.L. Chen & J.B. Hong & S.J. Lin & H.S. Lee (National Taiwan University) Discrimination of collagen fibers by second-order susceptibility microscopy [PDF]
D. Zalvidea & E. Claverol-Tinture (Institut de bioenginyeria de Catalunya, Spain) Dynamics of cell electroporation nanopores studied by means of second harmonic generation microscopy [PDF]
H. Niioka & K. Ashida & K. Yoshiki & T. Araki & M. Hashimoto (Osaka University, Japan) Enhanced SHG imaging of self-assembled monolayer on Pt substrate via radially polarized beam excitation [PDF]
W.Y. Hu & S.M. Gou & Q.M. Luo & S.Q. Zeng & C.Y. Wang & L Fu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) Intrinsic imaging of pancreatic tissue using two-Photon excited native fluorescence and second harmonic generation [PDF]
MO-MO-PAR-C Phase microscopy (Guangyun 2)
J. Plasek (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic) Are the common methods of phase retrieval from DIC images sufficiently complex? [PDF]
B. Kemper & J. Klokkers & B. Edemir & P. Langehanenberg & S. Kosmeier & S. Ketelhut & A. Vollmer & et al. (Center for Biomedical Optics and Photonics, University of Muenster, Germany) Analysis of osmotically stimulated cell swelling by quantitative digital holographic phase contrast [PDF]
Y. Cotte & M.F. Toy & N. Pavillon & C. Depeursinge (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland) Studies on synthetic deconvolution of complex fields with digital holographic microscopy [PDF]
S.B. Mehta & C.J.R. Sheppard (Optical Bioimaging Laboratory, Division of Bioengineering, National University of Singapore) Elucidating image formation in the partially coherent differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope with a point-specimen [PDF]
T. Vyshenskaya & A. Kretushev & V. Tychinsky (MIREA, Russia) Coherent phase microscopy enabled determination of a single T-lymphocyte's functional state [PDF]
MO-MO-PAR-D Life cell microscopy (Guangyun 6)
R. Bizzarri & G. Signore & R. Nifosì & B. Storti & L. Albertazzi (NEST, Scuola Normale Superiore and CNR-INFM, and IIT@NEST, Center for Nanotechnology Innovation, Italy) Novel polarity-sensitive probes for live cell imaging [PDF]
A. Goncalves Crisostomo & J. Powell & C.J. Merrifield (MRC - Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK) Real-time analysis of clathrin mediated endocytosis by internal reflection fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
E. Flaberg & L. Markasz & G. Petranyi & G. Stuber & G. Klein & L. Szekely (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation by normal fibroblasts: A high throughput live cell imaging study [PDF]
S. Nishimura & M. Nagasaki (The University of Tokyo, Japan) In vivo molecular imaging technique reveals parenchymal and interstitial cell cross-talks in chronic inflammatory disease [PDF]
V. Devauges & C. Marquer & G. Liot & P. Blandin & J.C. Cossec & P. Georges & M.C. Potier & S. Leveque-Fort (Laboratoire de Photophysique Moleculaire - CNRS, France) Probing APP and BACE1 proximity by combining time resolved TIRF and FRET detection in living neurons [PDF]
12:40-14:10Lunch break
14:10-15:30Parallel sessions
MO-AF1-PAR-A High resolution microscopy II (Presentation hall)
M. Reuss & J. Engelhardt & S.W. Hell (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany) Polarization manipulation boosts STED microscopy [PDF]
Y. Zhang & T. Suyama & Y. Wang & T. Shi & C. Fang (Wenzhou University, China) Formation of a small three-dimensional dark spot with a high uniform light wall [PDF]
A. Egner & R. Schmidt & S.W. Hell (Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany) Diffraction-unlimited three-dimensional optical nanoscopy with opposing lenses [PDF]
K. Fujita & M. Yamanaka & S. Kawano & N. Smith & S. Kawata (Osaka University, Japan) Saturated excitation (SAX) microscopy: A simple alternative for biological imaging beyond the diffraction limit [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-B Non-linear II, SHG, absorption (Guangyun 1)
S. Rehman & R.W. Beuernman & D. Tan & C.J.R. Sheppard (National University of Singapore and Singapore Eye Research Institute) Imaging human cornea by second harmonic generation microscopy and confocal reflectance microscopy [PDF]
E.J. Gualda & J.M. Bueno & A. Giakoumaki & P. Artal (Universidad de Murcia, Spain) Non-linear tomographic imaging of ex-vivo corneal tissues as a function of time [PDF]
C.-S. Liao & Z.-Y. Zhuo & J.-Y. Yu & P.-H.G. Chao & S.-W. Chu (National Taiwan University) Thermal denaturation of collagen studied by second harmonic generation microscopy [PDF]
T. Ye & B. Yao & J. Zheng (State Key Laboratory of Transient Optics and Photonics, Xi an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Alabama at Birmingham) Nonlinear absorption microscopy [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-C Soft matter imaging, food, teeth (Guangyun 2)
M.W.M. van Ruijven (Unilever R&D Vlaardingen, The Netherlands) Visualisation techniques in the consumer goods industry [PDF]
Y. Sun & X.K. Li & Y. Deng & Z.H. Dong & J. Chang (Unilever R&D Shanghai, China) Electron microscope imaging of tooth remineralization prepared by focused ion beam [PDF]
E.H.A. de Hoog & H.J. Klok & F. van de Velde (TI Food and Nutrition / NIZO food research, The Netherlands) Visualisation and quantification of inhomogeneous distribution of salt in bread [PDF]
G. van Dalen & A. Don (Unilever Research & Development) 3D imaging and analysis of aerated food products using X-ray microtomography [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-D Tissue imaging (Guangyun 6)
J.-Z. Bai & J. Lipski (University of Auckland, New Zealand) Differential expression of TRPM2 and TRPV4 channels and their role in oxidative damage of organotypic hippocampal cultures - a microescopic perspective [PDF]
M. Ceresa & X. Artaechevarria & A. Muñoz-Barrutia & C. Ortiz-de-Solorzano (Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), University of Navarra, Spain) Early emphysema detection in a large serie of histological images [PDF]
H. Ren & B. Qu & F. Zhao & Y. Lin & Q. Li (Northeast Agricultural University, China) Expression of insulin-like growth factors and insulin-like growth factor receptor in milk goat mammary gland [PDF]
W. Matysiak & B. Jodlowska-Jedrych (Medical University of Lublin, Poland) The ultrastructure of selected nephron sections of rats under the influence of rofecoxib [PDF]
15:30-16:45Posters, Coffee (Poster area: foyer Presentation Hall)
16:45-18:15Parallel sessions
MO-AF2-PAR-A New developments in (confocal) instrumentation (Presentation hall)
T. Szellas (Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH, Germany) Confocal nanoscopy - fast 3D-recordings and live cell imaging with the new Leica TCS STED [PDF]
C.R. Power (Carl Zeiss, Germany) The evolution of optical sectioning microscopy, the Carl Zeiss perspective on the ever changing portfolio [PDF]
A.L. Barlow & A. MacLeod & S. Noppen & J. Sanderson & C. Guerin (PerkinElmer, UK) New methods for colocalization analysis - Realize the power of 3D cellular imaging with PerkinElmer [PDF]
D. Armstrong (Coherent Scotland Ltd) Advances in lasers for biological imaging [PDF]
MO-AF2-PAR-B Electron microscopy (Guangyun 1)
B. Lich & M. Vos & D. Wall & B. Humbel & G. Knott & W. Neijssen (FEI Company, The Netherlands) Overview of 3D electron microscopy techniques [PDF]
W.M. Busing & W.F. Voorhout (FEI Company, the Netherlands) 3D-imaging of biological specimens by electron microscopy [PDF]
V.M.J.I. Cuijpers & X.F. Walboomers & J.A. Jansen (Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, The Netherlands) SEM stereo imaging, a morphometric application for 3D visualization and volume analysis of cells in tissue engineered constructs [PDF]
W. Li & L. Gui & L. Han & J. Yao (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China) Reduction of asymmetric magnetic flux leakage caused by the assembling gap [PDF]
B. Jodlowska-Jedrych & M. Jedrych & W. Matysiak (Medical University of Lublin, Poland) Corona radiata in 4-quadrant backscattered electron detector examination [PDF]
MO-AF2-PAR-C Light as a tool, X-ray, TeraHz confocal (Guangyun 2)
G. Norris & G. McConnell & S.J. Wu & F.-J. Kao (Centre for Biophotonics, University of Strathclyde, UK) Single-photon and two-photon DC and RF optical beam induced current microscopy of InGaN light emitting diodes [PDF]
F. Garwe & A. Csaki & A. Steinbrueck & A. Weise & U. Bauerschaefer & W. Paa & J. Wirth & W. Fritzsche (Institute of Photonic Technology Jena, Germany) Optically controlled electron excitation and thermal management on the nanometer length scale [PDF]
Z. Yin & M. Zhu (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, CAS, China) Phase contrast synchrotron X-ray microtomography: The best nondestructive imaging for precambrian embryo fossils [PDF]
S. Ding & Q. Li & R. Yao & Q. Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology, China) Preliminary study on THz confocal imaging [PDF]
MO-AF2-PAR-D Biol. Imag.with Endoscopy, 4pi, EM, TIRF (Guangyun 6)
H.C. Bao & A. Boussioutas & R. Jeremy & S. Russell & M. Gu (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Diagnosing premalignant stages of gastric cancer, a comparison between confocal endomicroscopy and nonlinear endomicroscopy [PDF]
A. Dlasková & L. Plecitá-Hlavatá & T. Spacek & J. Santorova & F. Saudek & M. Lessard & J. Bewersdorf & P. Jezek (Institute of Physiology, Czech Republic) 3D visualization of mitochondrial reticulum of diabetic langerhans islet beta-cells in situ by 4Pi microscopy [PDF]
H. Chu & J.J. Wang & P. Spearman (Emory University, USA) HIV-1 particle-containing compartments identified by confocal and electron microscopy in human monocyte-derived macrophages [PDF]
T. Tian & Z. Zhu & Y. Wang & Z. Xiao (Southeast University, China) Quantitative analysis of the cellular uptake of liposomes by live cell microscopy [PDF]
18:30Leica evening

Tuesday, March 30

08:00-17:00Registration (Entrance area Everbright hotel/convention center)
09:00-10:20Plenary session
TU-MO-PLEN (Presentation hall)
Y. Baba (Nagoya University, Japan) Quantum dots based technologies for cancer diagnosis, in vivo stem cell imaging for cell therapy, and gene delivery system [PDF]
E.H.K. Stelzer & P.J. Keller (European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany) Light sheet based fluorescence microscopy reduces phototoxic effects while spatial intensity modulation estimates the optical scattering properties of a biological specimen [PDF]
10:20-11:00Coffee/tea break
11:00-12:40Parallel sessions
TU-MO-PAR-A High resolution microscopy III (Exhibition hall)
V. Buschmann & B. Kraemer & M. Heilemann & S. van der Linde & M. Sauer & S. Wolter & S. Orthaus & R. Erdmann (PicoQuant GmbH, Germany) Single-molecule photoswitching microscopy using only a single excitation wavelength [PDF]
F. Margadant & G.C. Cox (University of Sydney, Australia) Localisation by means of size constraints in photon limited images [PDF]
W.T. Tang & C.J.R. Sheppard (National University of Singapore) Application of spiral phase plate in surface plasmon microscopy [PDF]
S. Wiesner (Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, Germany) ELYRA - The new superresolution platform by Carl Zeiss [PDF]
K. König & A. Uchugonova & M. Schug & H. Zhang & H. Seidel (Sarland University, Germany) Nanoprocessing with picojoule extreme ultrafast 12 femtosecond laser pulses [PDF]
TU-MO-PAR-B Non-linear III, CARS (Guangyun 1)
M. Jurna & V.V. Pully & J.P. Korterik & J.L. Herek & H.L. Offerhaus & C. Otto (Optical Sciences group, University of Twente, The Netherlands) Investigation of early bone mineralization by CARS microscopy [PDF]
J. Lin & F. Lu & H. Wang & W. Zheng & Z. Huang (National university of Singapore) Annular aperture detection scheme in coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy for high contrast vibrational imaging [PDF]
A.C.-T. Ko & L.B. Mostaço-Guidolin & A. Ridsdale & M.S.D. Smith & M.D. Hewko & A.F. Pegoraro & A. Stolow & M.G. Sowa (National Research Council Canada) Probing atherosclerotic plaque burden using multi-modal nonlinear optical microscopy [PDF]
I.T. Robinson & C. Wong & M. Ochsenkühn & W.J. Hossack & J. Crain (University of Edinburgh, UK) CARS and two-photon imaging of host-virus interactions [PDF]
J.M. Levitt & O. Katz & Y. Silberberg (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) Shaperless single-pulse CARS for micro-spectroscopy and fast modulated temporal pulse splitting for selective excitation [PDF]
TU-MO-PAR-C Fluorescence multi-dimensional microscopy (Guangyun 2)
A. Uchugonova & K. Koenig (Saarland University, Germany) Multiphoton fluorescence lifetime and spectral imaging of stem cells [PDF]
S.C. Schlachter & A. Esposito & G.S. Kaminski-Schierle & C.F. Kaminski (University of Cambridge, UK) Combining lifetime and spectral information to quantify FRET [PDF]
H. Deschout & J. Hagman & N. Loren & J. Jonasson & M. Rudemo & J. Demeester & S.C. De Smedt & K. Braeckmans (Ghent University, Belgium) Versatile rectangle FRAP method for diffusion measurements by confocal and multi-photon microscopy [PDF]
D.J Anderson & P.K Jackson & M.J.C. Ludlam (Genentech, USA) Multi-spectral fluorescent protein-based live cell microscopy of intracellular dynamics [PDF]
N.I. Cade & G. Fruhwirth & S. Archibald & T. Ng & D. Richards (King's College London, UK) A cellular assay using metal-modified fluorescence lifetime analysis for high-content screening of protein internalisation [PDF]
TU-MO-PAR-D Microscopy of nuclei, Lipid rafts (Guangyun 6)
S. Yildirim & P. Hozak (Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic) Roles of complexes of nuclear myosin I and lipids in the cell nucleus [PDF]
M. Masata & P. Juda & M.C. Cardoso & I. Raska (Charles University in Prague, First Faculty of Medicine, Czech Republic) A fraction of MCM 2-7 proteins remains associated with replication foci during a major part of S-phase [PDF]
H.-Y. Hsu (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan) Investigation of lipid raft in the TLR-mediated regulation of macrophage functions: IL-1 protein expression and cells survival [PDF]
I. de Andrade Rosa & M. Benchimol (Santa Ursula University, Brazil) Identification of lipid rafts-like in tritrichomonas foetus [PDF]
X. Meng & C. Cai & Q. Luo & F. Zou (Southern Medical University, China) The structure and function of lipid raft in fMLP-stimulated neutrophil [PDF]
12:40-14:10Lunch break
14:10-15:50Parallel sessions
TU-AF1-PAR-A High resolution microscopy IV (Presentation hall)
V. Fraisier & C. Gueudry & J. Salamero (Curie Institut, France) Fast PALM-TIRF comparative imaging [PDF]
K. Balaa & S. Lévêque-Fort & J. Delahaye & E. Fort (Institut Langevin, ESPCI ParisTech, France) Supercritical wide field fluorescence microscopy for membrane imaging [PDF]
J. Li & R.K.Y. Chan (Hong Kong Baptist University) Two-mode total internal reflection fluorescence hyperspectral microscopy [PDF]
A. Chessel & B. Cinquin & F. Waharte & C. Kervrann & J. Salamero (Institut Curie, France) A detection based framework for systematic analysis of dual color TIRF microscopy data [PDF]
K. Kedziora & A. Hagenston & M. Kuzak & M. Zhou & P. Zoon & S. Lambrechts & J. Goedhart & H. Krugers & H. Bading & J. Dobrucki & R. Hoebe & E. Manders (University of Amsterdam, Jagiellonian university, university of Heidelberg) Calcium imaging with strongly reduced phototoxicity and photobleaching by wide field controlled light exposure microscopy (WF-CLEM) [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-B Non-linear IV, CARS, Raman (Guangyun 1)
R. Selm & M. Winterhalder & G. Krauss & D. Träutlein & T. Hanke & A. Sell & A. Leitenstorfer & A. Zumbusch (University of Konstanz, Germany) CARS microscopy with all fiber based lasers [PDF]
Y. Harada & M. Ogawa & P. Dai & H. Tanaka & T. Takamatsu (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan) Visualization of functioning molecules in living cells and tissues with spontaneous Raman microscopy [PDF]
J. Ando & K. Fujita & N.I. Smith & S. Kawata (Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University, Japan) Endocytosed metallic nanoparticles for Raman analysis of intracellular biomolecules [PDF]
X. Ke & H. Liu (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) A Raman spectroscopic study on the structural evolution of Na2Ti3O7 during the transition to Na2Ti6O13 [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-C Novel fluorescence imaging techniques (Guangyun 2)
S. Abrahamsson & M.G.L Gustafsson (HHMI Janelia farm and UCSF, USA) Multi-focus microscopy of nxn focal planes for fast live imaging [PDF]
M. Gu (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Multi-focal multi-photon microscopy for fast parallel direct laser writing [PDF]
M. Martinez-Corral & A. Tolosa & H. Navarro & R. Martinez-Cuenca & B. Javidi & G. Saavedra (University of valencia, Spain) Integral-imaging fluorescence microscopy: 3D images captured in a single snapshot [PDF]
P. Lipp & X. Hui & K. Bell & L. Kaestner (Saarland University) Photomanipulation of fluorescent probes using a kilobeam array scanner in living cells [PDF]
B. Kraemer & M. Koenig & V. Buschmann & S. Orthaus & C. Kappel & L. Kuschel & F. Koberling & R. Erdmann (PicoQuant GmbH) Seamless integration of FLIM and FCS for confocal laser scanning microscopy [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-D Single particle, light sheet (Guangyun 6)
C.-H. Lee & F.-C. Tsai & C.-C. Wang & C.-P. Liang (Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan) 3D tracking of nano-carriers on living cells in bright-field images [PDF]
A. Veenendaal & J.P. Siebrasse & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn, Germany) Single molecule microscopy of nucleo-cytoplasmic transport [PDF]
B. Flier & M. Baier & J. Huber & S. Mecking & D. Woell & A. Zumbusch (University of Konstanz, Germany) High temperature single molecule microscopy [PDF]
J.G. Ritter & J.P. Siebrasse & R. Veith & B. Daneholt & U. Kubitscheck (University of Bonn, Germany) Single-molecule observation at high speed in living tissue by light-sheet based fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
T.V. Truong & W. Supatto & D.S. Koos & J.M. Choi & S.E. Fraser (California Institute of Technology, USA) Light-sheet microscopy optimized for depth penetration to study embryogenesis [PDF]
15:50-16:20Coffee/tea break (Exhibition area)
16:20-18:00Parallel sessions
TU-AF2-PAR-A High resolution, combined microscopy's (Presentation hall)
L. Kaestner & Q. Tian & O. Müller & S. Ruppenthal & P. Lipp (Saarland University, Germany) High resolution microscopy meets high content screening [PDF]
W. Inami & K. Nakajima & A. Miyakawa & Y. Kawata (Shizuoka University, Japan) Electron-beam excited optical microscope with high resolution [PDF]
M. Koenig & B. Kraemer & P. Kapusta & S. Ruettinger & S. Orthaus & D.A. Walters & J.A. Viani & R. Erdmann (PicoQuant GmbH, Germany) High resolution imaging: Confocal laser scanning microscopy combined with atomic force microscopy [PDF]
A. Berquand & L. Ponce & A. Holloschi & M. Tredelenburg & M. Petersen & M. Hafner (Veeco Instruments, Germany) Recent progress in inverted optical microscopy / atomic force microscopy combination - Applications to cancer research and neurophysiology [PDF]
W. Voorhout & M. Karreman & B. Humbel & A. Verkleij & H. Gerritsen & A. Agronskaia (FEI Company, the Netherlands) Integrated light and electron microscopy (ILEM): Bridging the gap between light and electron microscopy [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-B Non-linear various (Guangyun 1)
C.W. Smith & E.J. Botcherby & M.M. Kohl & M.J. Booth & O. Paulsen & T. Wilson (University of Oxford, UK) Two-photon microscope with near-isotropic scan rate for functional imaging of neurons [PDF]
J.A. Palero & S.I.C.O. Santos & D. Artigas & P. Loza-Alvarez (Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, Spain) Scanless two photon imaging of C. Elegans [PDF]
H. Yu & P. So & D. Tai & Y. He & S. Xu & Q. Peng & E. Yew & C. Sheppard (National University Health System, Singapore) Liver fibrosis research with non-linear optics [PDF]
H. Kang & D. Morrish & L. Wu & B. Jia & H. Xie & H. Bao & M. Gu (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Three-dimensional nonlinear imaging using a 3D MEMS enabled compact fibre endoscope [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-C Fluorescence, anisotropy, polarization, unmixing (Guangyun 2)
D.R. Matthews & E. Ofo & L.M. Carlin & P. Barber & B. Vojnovic & M. Irving & T. Ng & S.M. Ameer-Beg (King's College London, UK) Fluorescence anisotropy and FLIM approaches to functional imaging in high content screening [PDF]
F.-J. Kao & V. Gukkasyan & J. Hsu & T. Buriakina (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan) Cellular metabolism revealed with polarization resolved fluorescence lifetime of NADH [PDF]
G.S. Schierle & C. Bertoncini & S. Schlachter & A.T. van der Goot & A. Esposito & E.A. Nollen & C.M. Dobson & C.F. Kaminski (University of Cambridge, UK) Imaging the nature of protein aggregation in vitro and in vivo [PDF]
A. Esposito & S Schlachter & A.N. Bader & L. Pancheri & D. Stoppa & A.R. Venkitaraman & C.F. Kaminski & H.C. Gerritsen (The Medical Research Council Cancer Cell Unit - Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, UK) Multiplexed measurement of molecular interactions by hyperdimensional imaging microscopy [PDF]
T. Pengo & A. Muñoz-Barrutia & C. Ortiz-de-Solórzano (Universidad de Navarra) Multi-layered non-negative matrix factorization for the efficient blind spectral unmixing of fluorescently labeled samples [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-D Microscopy instrumentation (Guangyun 6)
R. Uhl & T. Bottaro & C. Seebacher (BioImaging Center of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany) Novel microoptics-based spinning disk concept [PDF]
Y. Kuwabara & T. Nezu & H. Hirukawa & Y. Tanibata & T. Kei & T. Suzuki (Yokogawa Electric Corporation) All-in-one confocal scanner box [PDF]
R. Connally (Macquarie University, Australia) An autosynchronous optical chopper (ASOC) for time-gated luminescence microscopy [PDF]
H. Liu & F. Zhang & Q. Ren (Peking University, China) Principles of in-vivo reflectance confocal microscopy [PDF]
H. Liu & Y. Lin & S. Chen & F. Zhang (Shandong Provincial Institute of Dermatology and Venreology, China) In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy in China [PDF]
18:30Carl Zeiss evening

Wednesday, March 31

08:00-14:00Registration (Entrance area Everbright hotel/convention center)
9:00-10:20Parallel sessions
WE-MO1-PAR-A Adaptive optics, focal modulation (Presentation hall)
A. Jesacher & A. Thayil & T. Wilson & M.J. Booth (University of Oxford, UK) Adaptive optics for nonlinear microscopy of biological specimens and photonic structures [PDF]
P. Xi & Y. Liu & W. Wang & H. Wang & Q. Ren (Peking University, China) Adaptive phase compensation in multiphoton microscopy [PDF]
J.M. Bueno & E.J. Gualda & P. Artal (Universidad de Murcia, Spain) Wavefront control in two-photon microscopy of ex-vivo ocular tissues [PDF]
W. Gong & K. Si & N.G. Chen & C.J.R. Sheppard (National University of Singapore) Two-photon focal modulation microscopy [PDF]
K. Si & W. Gong & N.G. Chen & C.J.R Sheppard (University of Singapore) Annular pupil focal modulation microscopy [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-B DIC/Fluorescence, Photo-acoustic, ophthalmology (Guangyun 1)
Z. Li & X. Li (Luohe Medical College, China) Using the IR-DIC microscope to identify locomotor activity-labelled spinal cord neurons in green fluorescent protein transgenic Mice [PDF]
W. Sun & N.A. Kurniawan & R. Rajagopalan & C.T. Lim (National University of Singapore) Elucidating real-time cancer cell-matrix interaction in heterogeneous 3D gel matrix system [PDF]
C. Li & S. Hu & K. Maslov & L. Wang (Peking University, China) Optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy [PDF]
Y.-H. Cheng & J.-Y. Yu & H.-H. Wu & B.-J. Huang & J. Stone & J. Knight & S.-W. Chu (National Taiwan University) Multispectral laser scanning ophthalmoscopy [PDF]
K. Balaa & Y. Goulam & V. Devauges & S. Lévêque-Fort & E. Fort (Institut Langevin, ESPCI ParisTech, France) Life cell membrane imaging using surface plasmon-mediated fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-C Photo-toxicity, fluorescence detection optimization (Guangyun 2)
J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Poland) Phototoxicity of fluorescent proteins [PDF]
Q. Zhao & I.T. Young & J.G.S. de Jong (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands) Where did my photons go? - Analyzing the measurement precision of FLIM [PDF]
C.A. Combs & A.V. Smirnov & D.B. McGavern & J. Schroeder & J.D. Riley & A.H. Gandjbakhche & J.R. Knutson & R.S. Balaban (Light Microscopy Facility, NHLBI, NIH, USA) Optimizing multi-photon fluorescence microscopy light collection from living tissue by non-contact total emission detection (epiTED) [PDF]
M. Rehberg & F. Krombach & U. Pohl & S. Dietzel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany) Signal improvement in multi-photon microscopy by reflection with simple mirrors near the sample [PDF]
J. Dragavon & K.L. Rogers & S. Blazquez & S.L. Shorte (Institut Pasteur, France) Increasing the number of detectable photons during whole animal imaging: Fluorescence by radiative excitation emission of quantum dots by bioluminescent bacteria [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-D Optical tracking, manipulation (Guangyun 6)
G. Behme & J. van Mameren & A. Wozniak & T. Jaehnke (JPK Instruments, Germany) NanoTracker: Force-sensing optical tweezers for quantitative single-Molecule nanomanipulation [PDF]
I. Iglesias & J.J. Sáenz (Universidad de Murcia, Spain) Optical scattering forces generated by high numerical aperture microscope objectives [PDF]
J. Wu & D. Day & M. Gu (Centre for Micro-Photonics, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Shear stress measurements by optical tweezers in a microfluidic device [PDF]
S. Maeda & T. Sugiura & K. Minato (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) Pulse laser assist optical tweezers for in vivo manipulation [PDF]
Y. Zhang & G. Sun & N. Li & B. Huo & S. Lü & M. Long (Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) Quantifying receptor-Ligand interaction using optical trap assay [PDF]
10:20-11:20Coffee tea break (Exhibition area)
11:20-13:00Parallel sessions
WE-MO2-PAR-A Special laser systems for microscopy (Presentation hall)
G. Norris & G. McConnell (Centre for Biophotonics, University of Strathclyde, UK) Novel bi-directional pump geometry for synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillators with a nonlinear increase in output power for application in microscopy [PDF]
J. Clowes & L. Li (Fianium Ltd, UK) Latest developments in ultrafast supercontinuum fibre lasers and applications within fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
X.B. Liang & W.Y. Hu & S.Q. Zeng & L. Fu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Optimal pulse compression using photonic crystal fiber and its application on two-photon fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
G.A. Stanciu & R. Hristu & S.G. Stanciu & F.-J. Kao & S.-J. Wu (University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania) Photonic-corral-mode quantum ring lasers investigated by laser beam induced current technique [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-B OCT, Image interferometry, polarimetry (Guangyun 1)
J. Jiang & S. Barry & A. Cable (Thorlabs, Inc., USA) High-speed, multi-functional OCT imaging system for three dimensional imaging of biological samples [PDF]
R. Fiolka & A. Stemmer & K. Wicker & R. Heintzmann (Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA) Optical diffraction tomography of weakly scattering objects [PDF]
A. Neumann & Y. Kuznetsova & S.R.J. Brueck (University of New Mexico, USA) Imaging interferometric nanoscopy to the limits of available frequency space [PDF]
O. Rodriguez & D. Lara & C. Dainty (Applied Optics, School of Physics; National University of Ireland, Galway) Far-field vectorial polarimetry [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-C Photo-stimulation, nanorods (Guangyun 2)
J. Harris & J. McCarron & S. Currie & G. McConnell (University of Strathclyde, Scotland) Photostimulation of Ca2+ transients in live cells [PDF]
Y. Zhao & Y. Zhang & W. Zhou & S. Zeng (Britton Chance Center for Biomedical Photonics, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics-Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) Calcium signaling in astroyctes induced by photostimulation with femtosecond laser [PDF]
N.I. Smith & J. Ando & K. Fujita & S. Kawata (Osaka University, Japan) Laser-induced membrane potential depolarization and hyperpolarization in cultured HeLa cells [PDF]
D. Träutlein & M. Deibler & A. Leitenstorfer & E. Ferrando-May (University of Konstanz, Germany) Specific local induction of DNA strand breaks by infrared multi-photon absorption [PDF]
W. Tao & H. Bao & M. Gu (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) Broadband supercontinuum light speeds up melting of gold nanorods [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-D Image processing, corrosion analysis (Guangyun 6)
S. Preibisch & S. Saalfeld & J.E. Schindelin & P. Tomancak (MPI-CBG, Germany) Reconstruction of multi-tile microscopic acquisitions [PDF]
M. Bretschneider & M. Kästner & E. Reithmeier (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany) Preprocessing of 3D measurement data of microstructures with large lateral dimensions [PDF]
I. Indhumathi & Y.Y. Cai & Y.Q. GUAN & M. Opas (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Efficient splitting of cell clusters from 3D confocal images and potential applications in simualtion of cell divisions [PDF]
P. Tomancak & S. Preibisch & J. Schindelin & A. Cardona (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG), Germany) Fiji is just ImageJ - An open source platform for biological image analysis [PDF]
R. Danzl & F. Helmli & S. Scherer (Alicona Imaging GmbH, Austria) Automatic corrosion detection by focus variation [PDF]
13:10-14:15Lunch break
14:15-15:00Plenary lecture and closing
WE-AF-PLEN (Presentation hall)
X. Fang (Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, China) Single-molecule imaging in live cells: Visualization and quantitative analysis of protein dynamics [PDF]
15:15-16:30Start boarding busses, Coach Tour of Shanghai
17:30-19:30Conference Dinner
19:30-22:00Circus show

Monday, March 29, 15:30-16:45

Life sciences
T. Ichikawa & P.J. Keller & E.H.K. Stelzer & S. Nonaka (National Institute for Basic Biology) Live imaging of the whole mouse embryo [PDF]
J. De Vylder & F. Rooms & W. Philips (Ghent University, Belgium) Automatic detection of cell nuclei in fluorescence micrographs [PDF]
M. Kuzak & K. Kędziora & K. Solarczyk & J.W. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Poland) Focused low power visible light can induce DNA damage in live cells [PDF]
X.J. Sun & C.C.F. Wong & J. Keefe & G.K. Chan (Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta, Canada) The effects of antioxidants on photo-toxicity in fluorescence live-cell imaging [PDF]
J.-Y. Tinevez & V. Galy & C. Machu & S. Shorte (Institut Pasteur, France) Quantifying photo-toxicity impact of various illumination modalities using C.Elegans embryo [PDF]
D. Żurek & D. Trembecka & M. Zarębski & K. Kędziora & M. Kuzak & J. Dobrucki (Jagiellonian University, Poland) Using local photodamage to study cellular repair mechanisms - potential pitfalls [PDF]
D. Träutlein & M. Deibler & A. Leitenstorfer & E. Ferrando-May (University of Konstanz, Germany) Specific local induction of DNA strand breaks by infrared multi-photon absorption [PDF]
K. Braeckmans & K. Buyens & N.N. Sanders & J. Demeester & S.C. De Smedt (Ghent University, Belgium) Single particle tracking for sizing cationic liposomes in blood [PDF]
Y. Li (Microbiology Institute of jiangsu CDC, China) Effects of NS1 protein of influenza A viruses in Vero cells and Hep2 cells [PDF]
Z. Song & T.A. Kelf & W.H. Sanchez & T. Yatsui & M.S. Roberts & A.Z. Zvyagin (Macquarie University, Australia) Evaluation of zinc oxide nanoparticle transdermal property using multi-photon microscopy [PDF]
B. Qu & F. Zhao & H. Ren & Y. Lin & Y. Jiang & Q. Li (Northeast Agricultural University, China) Detection on the changes of β-casein during mammary development with direct immunofluorescence and image analysis [PDF]
A. Paiziev & V. Krakhmalev (Institute of Electronics Uzbek Academy of Science, Uzbekistan) Observations of wave like oscillations of cell plasmamembrane of alive plant cell [PDF]
Y. Lin & Q. Li (Key Laboratory of Dairy Science, Northeast Agricultural University, Ministry of Education, China) Research on localization and quantification of leptin and its long form receptor in mouse mammary gland by laser scanning confocal microscopy [PDF]
F. Zhao & B. Qu & H. Ren & Q. Li (The Key Laboratory of Dairy Science of Education Ministry, Northeast Agricultural University, China) Quantitive analysis of IGF-II expression in mouse mammary gland by laser scanning confocal microscope [PDF]
L. Danisovic & M. Ulicna & J. Vojtassak & I. Varga & D. Holly & D. Bohmer & S. Polak (Faculty of medicine, Comenius University, Slovakia) Characterization of in vitro expanded human somatic stem cells derived from bone marrow, adipose tissue, skeletal muscle and dental pulp [PDF]
C.M. Brigagão & J.M. Diaz & W. de Souza (Rio de Janeiro Federal University and Inmetro, Brazil) A microscopic analysis of the interaction between Giardia Lamblia and intestinal cells [PDF]
Y. Liang & Z. Wang & X. Wang & Cheberi & C. Bai & D. Liu (Inner Mongolia University, The Key Laboratory of Mammal Reproductive Biology and Biotechnology, Ministry of Education, China) Morphological observation of the cashmere goat fetal fibroblast after mTOR kinase inhibition with combination of fluorescent dyes and confocal cell imaging [PDF]
W. Xing & Z. Liu & S. Bou (The key laboratory of mammalian reproduction biology and technology of ministry of education, College of Life Sciences, Inner Mongolian University, China) Expression and localization of Izumo1 in cashmere goat testis [PDF]
K.O. Hovnanyan & N.S. Pryatkin & Ch.A. Sargsyan & H.H. Davtyan & A.H. Trchounian (Institute of Molecular Biology of NAS RA, Armenia) 3D visualization and functional consideration of cell wall and cytoplasmatic membrane structures of shigella and entamoeba [PDF]
Y. Wang & J. Hu & H. Lei & Y. Hou & Y. Yu (The Experimental Research Center, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China) Selective effect of berberine on tumor and normal cell [PDF]
S. Galbavy & A. Galbava & P. Kulffay & A. Galbava (Institute of Laboratory Medicine St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences and St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia) Laser scanning cytometry (LSC) a perspective tool in determing S-phase fraction and DNA content in breast cancer patients [PDF]
C. Frongia & C. Lorenzo & F. Gianni & G.P. Prevost & B. Ducommun & V. Lobjois (CNRS-UMR5088, France) 3D imaging of the response to CDC25 pharmacological inhibition in multicellular spheroids [PDF]
V. Repiska & L. Danihel & L. Danisovic & D. Bohmer & S. Polak (Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University, Slovakia) Morphological and DNA analysis of complete hydatidiform mole [PDF]
Y. Huang & W. Chen & H. Hu & Z. Huang & L. Zheng & M. Huang & R. Lin & Z. Li (Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China) Study on chinese herbal compound jiedu xiaozheng yin inducing apoptosis of gastric carcinoma cells via LSCM [PDF]
M. Kopani & A. Barcikova & M. Caplovicova & A. Zahoranova & P. Kukumberg & J. Jakubovsky & L. Danihel & S. Polak (Faculty of medicine, Comenius University, Slovakia) Iron oxide deposits in human brain [PDF]
L.I. Jing & Z.H.A. Ming (China University of Petroleum (Huadong), China) The Raman spectra in fluid inclusion of carbonate reservoir [PDF]
M. Okada & J. Ando & H. Kasai & K. Fujita & N. Smith & S. Kawata (Osaka University) Raman microscopy for label-free observation of living cells [PDF]
T. Minamikawa & H. Niioka & T. Araki & M. Hashimoto (Osaka University, Japan) Three-dimensional CARS imaging of membrane disruption and repair using multi-focus CARS microscope [PDF]
W. Zhang & M. Parsons & G. McConnell (University of Strathclyde, UK) Optical parametric oscillator system for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy of lipid prevalence and aggregation in fibroblast cells [PDF]
Z. Tian & N.C. Bing & L.L. Xie & L.J. Wang & H. Yuan (Shanghai secong polytechnic university, China) Raman microspectroscopy and imaging in pharmaceutical applications [PDF]
L. Wu & W. Li & H. Xu & Z. Li (Key Laboratory for Molecular Enzymology and Engineering, the Ministry of Education (Jilin University), China) The study on the structure conversion of the human telomeric DNA sequence induced by the rate of K+/Na+ using SERS [PDF]
C. Song & M.K. Ahn & D.G. Gweon (KAIST, Republic of Korea) Birefringent tissues imaging by in-vivo confocal microscopy and polarization-sensitive spectral domain optical coherence tomography [PDF]
J. Hu & Y. Wang & H. Lei & Y. Hou (The Experimental Research center, China Academey of Chinese Medical Sciences) A new method for the thicknesss measurement [PDF]
Y. Wang & D. Wang & J. Zhao & Y. Li & H. Cui & Y. Wan (Beijing University of Technology, China) Non-invasive measurement for living cells using digital holography microscopy [PDF]
C. Li & Z.-X. Dong (Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Science) Scanning electron microscopy of jaw sheaths in eight megophryid tadpoles (amphibia, anura, megophryidae) [PDF]
Y.C. Yang & H.L. Lin & W.T. Chang & I. Liau (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan) Live-cell imaging and spectroscopy of reactive oxygen species in action [PDF]
Imaging, Wave propagation
I. Testa & A. Schönle & C. von Middendorff & R. Medda & C. Wurm & A. Egner & C. Eggeling & S.W. Hell (Max Planck Institute, Germany) Species-selective nanoscale imaging in fixed and living cells [PDF]
J.-S. Wu & C.-H. Chang & L.-P. Yu & L.-D. Chou & H.-F. Chang & H.-F. Yau & C. Chou (Chang Gung University, Taiwan) The reduction of specimen-induced spherical aberration and scattering effect in a Zeeman laser scanning confocal reflection microscope [PDF]
T. Hibi & Y. Kozawa & A. Sato & H. Yokoyama & S. Sato & T. Nemoto (Hokkaido University, Japan) Enhancement of lateral resolution of confocal and two-photon laser scanning microscopy by using higher-order radially polarized laser beams [PDF]
L. Guo & C. Liang & Z. Tang & Z. Tan (South China Normal University) Fractional fourier transform of modified laguerre-gaussian beams [PDF]
G. Li & H. Shen & W. Hu & C. Zhang & L. Jie (Department of optics and electronic engineering, Ordnance engineering college, China) Design of light beam shaping and facula uniforming in multiplexing laser illuminating system [PDF]
S. Zeng (Britton Chance Center for Biomedical Photonics, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China) Propagation of the femtosecond laser pulses in random access two-photon microscope [PDF]
L. Guo & Z. Tang & Z. Tan & C. Liang (South China Normal University) Propagation properties of radially polarized partially coherent beams in uniaxial crystals [PDF]
J. Dow & A. Graham & G. Tsai (Agilent Technologies, USA) Advances in complex monolithic optics for optical tagging in multi-wavelength fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
Z. Xu & Z. Jiang & L. Song & J. Yang & S. Tao (Beijing University of Technology, China) Layered imaging for tiny objects with a volume holographic imaging system [PDF]
M. Yamanaka & Y.K. Tzeng & S. Kawano & N.I. Smith & S. Kawata & H.C. Chang & K. Fujita (Osaka university, Japan) High-resolution imaging of fluorescent nanodiamonds by saturated excitation (SAX) microscopy [PDF]
H. Shen & G. Li & H. Zhang & W. Hu & B. Zhou (Department of Optics and Electronic Engineering, Ordnance Engineering College, China) Diffractive analyzing and image pattern design of the three dimensional imaging grating [PDF]
Z. Luo & Y. Okuno & T. Suyama (Kumamoto University, Japan) Resonance absorption on slow-plasmon nanostrips [PDF]
A. Yang & J. Zhang & M. Tang & W. Ren (Ocean University of China) An investigation of the UV-VIS micro-spectra of single hydrocarbon inclusions and corresponding chromaticity coordinates [PDF]
H. Chen & X. Nie (Guangxi University, China) Imaging resolution of digital confocal microscopy [PDF]
J. Sun & X.-D. Zhang & Y.-H. Wang (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China) Factors influencing the resolution of the confocal laser scanning optical microscope [PDF]
H. Shen & G. Li & W. Hu & C. Zhang & W. Dong (Department of Optics and Electronic Engineering, Ordnance Engineering College) Three-dimensional displacement measurements of heating metallic deformation by laser electronic speckle pattern interferometry [PDF]
Z. Liu & Z.-C. Zeng & X. Wang & B. Ren & Z.-Q. Tian (Xiamen University, China) Trapping single molecules on a Au (111) surface investigated by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy [PDF]
Microscopy techniques
W. Chun & M. Ahn & I. Song & D.-G. Gweon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Multispectral confocal microscope for high content screening [PDF]
A. Diaspro & P. Bianchini & F. Cella & Z. Lavagnino & S. Galiani & E. Ronzitti & M. Scotto & P.P. Mondal (IIT - Italian Institute of Technology) Combined optical nanoscopy approaches [PDF]
W. Han & Z. Xiao & X. Zhang & X. Wang (Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China) Research on plane imaging technology of line structure light based on confocal microscopy [PDF]
J. Ahn & D. Gweon (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) Development of a portable confocal fluorescence microscopy for on-site verification of Korean cow [PDF]
C. Lorenzo & C. Leclerc & A. Maandhui & G. Gay & B. Ducommun & M. Moreau (CNRS-UMR5088, France) LSFM, an emerging fluorescence microscopy for developmental biologists [PDF]
M.K. Ahn & T.J. Kim & D.G. Gweon (Kaist, Republic of Korea) High speed high resolution structured illumination confocal microscope with using the cross-type Line structured illumination [PDF]
J. Ling & J. Ma & J. Hu (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China) Two-dimensional confocal imaging system based on laser frequency-shifted feedback [PDF]
E.J. Botcherby & C.W. Smith & M.M. Kohl & M.J. Booth & T. Wilson (University of Oxford, UK) Construction of a two-photon microscope with near-isotropic scan rates for imaging biological tissues [PDF]
T. Quan & F. Long & S. Zeng & Z. Huang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) Comparison of algorithms for localization of single fluorescence molecule in super resolution imaging [PDF]
J. Sun & X.-D. Zhang & Y.-H. Wang (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China) Mage processing technologies in laser scanning confocal microscopic system [PDF]
L. Han & Q. Wang & Z. Li (Yanshan university, China) Wavefront sensor-less adaptive optics based on image sharpening for microscopy [PDF]
P.-Y. Lin & Y.-C. Lin & C.-S. Chang & F.-J. Kao (National Yang-Ming Unviersity, Taiwan) Time-resolved fluorescence microscopy with sub-diffraction limited resolution via stimulated emission depletion [PDF]
A. Holloschi & R. Müller & H.M. Kuhn & H. Schneckenburger & J. Backhaus & A. von Deimling & J. Mollenhauer & P. Kioschis (University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany) Characterization of isogenic tumor cell lines by spectral analysis of cellular autofluorescence [PDF]
Y. Shao & J. Qu & H. Li & Y. Wang & J. Qi & G. Xu & H. Niu (Shenzhen University, China) Spectrally resolved multifocal multiphoton microscopy [PDF]
Y. Shao & H. Lin & J. Yin & J. Qu (Shenzhen University, China) Wide-field fluorescence sectioning microscopy using dynamic speckle illumination [PDF]
Materials, Image analysis, Various
N.C. Bing & Z. Tian & L.L. Xie & L.J. Wang & H. Yuan & M.Y. Zhou & H.P. Xu (Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, China) Total internal reflection fluorescence: Application in protein-material interactions [PDF]
I. Konvalina & M. Hovorka & T. Fořt & I. Müllerová (Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR, v.v.i., Czech Republic) Optical and scanning electron microscopies in examination of ultrathin foils [PDF]
V. Nedela & R. Barinka & J. Hladik & E. Flodrova (Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR, v.v.i., Czech Republic) Investigation of solar cell structures after laser beam processing [PDF]
V. Nedela & K. Jan & Z. Sajdlova & E. Flodrova (Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCR, v.v.i., Czech Republic) Study of surfaces of electrochemical sensors using optical and scanning electron microscopy [PDF]
S.A. Siddiqi & A. Shamim & M. Ajmal Pervez (University of the Punjab, Pakistan) Morphological and analytical study of the crystallized products of the bioglass-ceramic [PDF]
S. Naithani & B.S. Rawat & K. Singh & G.C. Joshi (H.N.B. Garhwal University Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India) Energy transfer in acriflamin-rhodamine-B doped PVA film [PDF]
K. Singh & B.S. Rawat & S. Naithani & G.C. Joshi (H.N.B. Garhwal University Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India.) Excitation wavelength dependence of emission spectra of polymer films doped with 2-naphthol [PDF]
B.S. Rawat & K. Singh & S. Naithani & G.C. Joshi (H.N.B. Garhwal University Srinagar Garhwal, India) Photophysical properties of β-naphthylamine doped in different polymer matrices [PDF]
J. Li & L. Xue & M. Liu & X. Wang & C. Luo (Jiangxi Agricultural University, China) Determination of dichlorvos contamination on navel orange surface using vis-nir spectroscopy [PDF]
L. Xiao (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China) Efficient 3D neuron object segmentation exploiting level set speed images with high local iso-surface curvature seeds [PDF]
B. Ruszczycki & M. Siudek & G.M. Wilczynski (Laboratory of Neuromorphology, Nencki Institute, Poland) Efficient 3D segmentation of crowded neuronal cell nuclei in confocal stacks [PDF]
M. Galarraga & N. Boqué & J. Campión & C. Ortiz (Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), Spain) Validation of Adiposoft: An open source software to analyze adipose tissue cellularity [PDF]
R.J. Milewski & D.M. Standley & N.I. Smith (Osaka University (IFReC), Japan) Image processing of biological specimens captured by Raman laser microscopy [PDF]
H. Deschout & D. Vercauteren & J. Demeester & S. De Smedt & K. Braeckmans (Ghent University, Belgium) Quantitative colocalisation of dynamic objects in fluorescence microscopy movies [PDF]
S.G. Stanciu (Center for Microscopy Microanalysis and Information Processing, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania) Multi-focus image fusion for confocal scanning laser microscopy [PDF]
J.A. Levitt & P.-H. Chung & J. Qu & K. Suhling (King's College London, UK) Intracellular fluorescence lifetime measurements of a molecular rotor for determination of apparent microviscosity [PDF]
A. McDonald & J. Harris & G. McConnell (University of Strathclyde) Non-invasive electromagnetic micro-stirring device [PDF]