Focus on Microscopy 2004
Drexel University, Philadelphia
Sheraton University City

April 4-7, 2004

The FocusOnMicroscopy 2004 conference and exhibition will take place in Philadelphia, PA, USA, April 4 to April 7 2004, as the next in a series of unique interdisciplinary meetings on advanced multidimensional light microscopy and image processing. Hosted by Drexel University, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, the conference location at Sheraton University City is central on the Philadelphia campus minutes from downtown.

Microscopic imaging techniques like confocal, multiphoton excitation or widefield deconvolution have become indispensable tools for the study of biological complexities and dynamics. Image analysis, visualization and data management are key to process the vast amount of information generated. The most recent developments of these technologies will be covered together with their practical applications in biomedical sciences. This year there will be special attention to the conjunction of multidimensional microscopy with the areas of bioinformatics, bio-nanotechnology and bioengineering.

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For further reading you can download the brochure available at the website: FOM2004 press announcement by GIT. If this file is not displayed correctly in your browser: Save pdf file first (right-click at link, save target).

Deadline for the submission of abstracts will be January 30, 2004. Further information on location, registration, and abstract submission will be made available under the appropriate headings. We invite you to participate in this conference on behalf the FOM 2004 organizing committee:



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