Abstracts of the presentations are now online available (in the program indicated with [PDF]). See Abstracts Directory.

Computer projection (MAC/IBM) is available for all oral presentations. You can also bring a CD-ROM. Other forms of AV may be available if the organizers are notified in advance but will be charged extra.

The size of the poster boards is 4 feet (horizontal width) by 8 feet (vertical height), equivalent to 120 x 240 cm.

Program as of Fri Apr 16 14:14:24 METDST 2004

Sunday, April 4th

5:00pm-7:00pmOpening session
SU-EV-PLEN (Drexel Auditorium)
Hell, S.W. & Westphal, V. & Dyba, M. & Kastrup, L. Fluorescence nanoscopy through reversible optically saturable transitions [PDF]
Galis, Z.S. Exploring revascularization using fluorescence angiography: Going with the flow [PDF]
Murphy, R.F. Automated interpretation of multidimensional fluorescence microscope images for location proteomics [PDF]

Monday, April 5th

8:30am-10:15amPlenary session
MO-MO1-PLEN (Palmaire 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Periasamy, A. & Chen, Y. Protein localization in cells and tissues: FLIM-FRET microscopy [PDF]
Manders, E.M.M. & Oven, C. van & Hoebe, R. Controlled light exposure microscopy (CLEM): an effective reduction of phototoxicity [PDF]
Parvin, B. Convergence of microscopy and imaging bioinformatics [PDF]
10:50am-12:30pmParallel sessions
MO-MO2-PAR-A Microscopy of living cells I (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Carrington, W.A. Live cell fluorescence imaging and image informatics [PDF]
Tanke, H.J. & Molenaar, C. & Krouwels, I. & Wiesmeijer, K. & Abrahams, T. & Dirks, R.W. Spatio-temporal analysis of molecular interactions in living cells [PDF]
Johnson, M.E. & Uhl, C.B. Plasma membrane blebbing and phospholipid asymmetry: Complementary microscope assays of early Apoptosis [PDF]
Zimmermann, T. & Vlachou, D. & Pepperkok, R. & Kafatos, F. 4D Imaging and rendering of malaria parasite midgut invasion in living Anopheles mosquitos [PDF]
Wei, X. Study of leukemia metastasis by in-vivo microscopy/flow cytometry [PDF]
MO-MO2-PAR-B Optical theory I (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Wilson, T. & Massoumian, F. & Juskaitis, R. Pupil function engineering [PDF]
Haeberlé, O. & Simon, B. The point spread function of optical microscopes imaging through layered and heterogeneous media [PDF]
Juskaitis, R. & Baumann, H. & Wilson, T. Confocal microscopy using extended depth-of-focus beams [PDF]
Török, P. & Munro, P.R.T. & Kriezis, E.E. & Eastley, B. Exact model for scanning optical microscopes and DVDs [PDF]
Nes, A.S. van de & Pereira, S.F. & Braat, J.J.M. Calculation of the vectorial field distribution in stratified media for high na-systems [PDF]
2:00pm-3:20pmParallel sessions
MO-AF1-PAR-A Microscopy of living cells II (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Noorden, C.J.F. Visualization of proteolysis in living cells and proteases in particular [PDF]
Malide, D. & Basta, S. & Bennink, J.R. & Yewdell, J.W. Real time Visualization of cytotoxic T lymphocyte killing of vaccinia virus infected target cells [PDF]
Dobrucki, J.W. & Zarebski, M. & Wojcik, K. Condensation of chromatin and dynamics of histones in living cells exposed to DNA-intercalating antibiotic daunomycin [PDF]
Sharp, D.J. Real-time analysis of chromosome and mitotic spindle dynamics in live cells [PDF]
MO-AF1-PAR-B Image restoration (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Joshi, A. & Biggs, D.S.C. & Holmes, T.J. & Inoué, S. Iterative deconvolution of differential interference contrast microscopy images [PDF]
Nitschke, R. & Hecht, F. & Sewing, L. & Noeske, H. & Haxelmans, S. & Driever, W. Confocal imaging of large areas of biological objects at high resolution [PDF]
Biggs, D.S.C. & Mu, Z. & Zhang, Y. & Holmes, T.J. & Khodjakov, A. & Inoué, S. Fast automated blind deconvolution of 2D optical microscope imagery [PDF]
Schaefer, L.H. & Schuster, D. & Schaffer, J. Artifacts in structured illumination microscopy: Analysis and reduction, utilizing a parameter optimization approach [PDF]
3:20pm-4:30pmPosters & coffee
MO-AF2-POSTERS (Georgian 1 & 2)
Borlinghaus, R. Hardware control and data evaluation in analytical biology [PDF]
Rueck, A. & Dolp, F. & Steiner, R. & Scalfi-Happ, C. Time-resolved fluorescence microscopy for molecular imaging using time-correlated single photon counting and ps diode lasers [PDF]
Nitschke, R. & Wolleschensky, R. & Haxelmans, S. & Kindle, P. & Maus, C. Simultaneous usage of a 2-photon laser for two confocal microscope set-ups [PDF]
Walter, J. & Seebacher, C. & Uhl, R. A fast and sensitive spectral detector for confocal microscopy [PDF]
Zwier, J.M. & Brakenhoff, G.J. & Rooij, G.J. van & Hofstraat, J.W. Quantification for wide field fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
Coates, C. & Denvir, D. & Robbins, M. & Pawley, J.B. Can electron multiplying CCD technology replace the PMT? [PDF]
Xiang, S.D. & Cody, S.H. & Handman, E. & Lam, M.H.C. & Matsumoto, B. Simple DIC & phasE imaging in conjunction with confocal microscopy [PDF]
Venkateswaran, K. & Romero-Borja, F. & Poonja, S. & Martin, J.A. & Roorda, A. Improved three-dimensional imaging of living human retina using the adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope (AOSLO) [PDF]
Chou, C. & Chan, T.S. & Yu, C.J. & Wu, H.T. The study of kinetics on biomolecular interaction by fiber optic biosensor [PDF]
Chen, C.C. & Lin, Y.H. & Kao, T.S. & Lin, W.C. & Tsai, D.P. Super-resolution cover glass slip: applications of the near-field detection of localized surface plasmon [PDF]
Ozaki, Y. & Bousfield, D.W. & Shaler, S.M. The 3D observation of the wet-strength resin in paper by CSLM [PDF]
Diaspro, A. & Beltrame, F. & Fato, M. & Raiteri, L. & Stigliani, S. & Usai, C. & Ramoino, P. GABA synthesis and release in the single-celled organism paramecium [PDF]
Rietdorf, J. & Reynaud, E.G. & Zimmermann, T. & Miura, K. & Pepperkok, R. Simultaneous spectral aquisition and linear unmixing allows the analysis of complex dynamics of cellular structures [PDF]
Darling, A. & Sun, W. & Kriete, A. Scaffold informatics: Tissue scaffolds based on imaging data [PDF]
Johnson, M.E. & Uhl, C.B. Mechanistic kinetics of neuronal apoptosis determined by FRET assay of Dw and confocal assay of cytochrome C release [PDF]
Fujimoto, I. & Goto, T. & Suhara, W. & Mikoshiba, K. & Torimitsu, K. AFM image of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor (IP3R) tetramer structure in membrane [PDF]
Hankins, T. & Callis, J. & Lidstrom, M. Multi-variate luminescent detection in single cells [PDF]
Meckel, T. & Hurst, A.C. & Homann, U. & Thiel, G. Endocytosis of GFP tagged potassium channel KAT1 against high turgor pressure in guard cells of Vicia Faba [PDF]
Holecko, M.M. II & Williams, J.C. & Massia, S.P. Visualization of the intact tissue-electrode interface with multiphoton microscopy [PDF]
Santo, N. & Andrioletti, M. & Camatini, M. & Fascio, U. & Vismara, C. Confocal microscopic analysis as a rapid effective tool for studies of experimental muscular dystrophy [PDF]
Salih, A. & Larkum, A. & Wiedenmann, J. & Cox, G. A Range of phototransformation properties of novel GFP-type proteins useful in live cell bio-imaging applications [PDF]
Pereira, S.F. & Nes, A.S. van de Superresolution by means of polarisation, phase and amplitude pupil masks [PDF]
Grace, E.J.r & Török, P. Vectorial high numerical aperture invariant beams [PDF]
Abu-Tarif, A. & Holmes, T.J. Spherical aberration detection and compensation in widefield fluorescence microscope images [PDF]
Lu, B.F. & Cai, Y. & Tan, T.K. & Guan, Y.Q. & Wong, S.C.H. & Cao, C.R. & Khoo, L.P. & Xiong, Z.W. An integrated and intranet-based collaborative environment for atherosclerotic clinical research [PDF]
Cox, G. & Pawley, B. An interactive CD-ROM of the Abbe diffraction kit [PDF]
Guan, Y.Q. & Cai, Y. & Wong, S.C.H. & Zhang, X. & Opas, M. & Lu, B.F. & Lee, Y.T. Interactive access of cellular structure using virtual reality technology [PDF]
Northan, B. & Abu-Tarif, A. & Girroir, J. & Holmes, T.J. & Khizhnichenko, V. Wavelet transforms and object quantification and tracking in microscopic images [PDF]
Hoebe, R. & Oven, C. van & Manders, E.M.M. Controlled light exposure microscopy, implementation in a point scanning microscope [PDF]
Conrad, C. & Erfle, H. & Warnat, P. & Daigle, N. & Lörch, T. & Ellenberg, J. & Pepperkok, R & Eils, R. Automated characterization of proteins by their subcellular localization on live cell array [PDF]
Aprelev, A. & Rotter, M.A. & Zakharov, M. & Przeworkski, M. & Weng, W. & Ferrone, F.A. Microphotolysis studies illuminate Sickle hemoglobin polymerization [PDF]
Chang, C. & Pourrezaei, K. Table-top X-ray microscope for biomedical imaging [PDF]
4:30pm-6:45pmParallel sessions
MO-AF3-PAR-A New developments in confocal instrumentation (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Hoppe, M. (Leica) A fundamental improvement to fluorescence efficiency in a confocal system: AOBS - principles, recent advances and applications [PDF]
Jia, Y. (Olympus) Live cell observation with FV1000 confocal, TIRFM, and DSU systems [PDF]
Uhl, R. & Walter, J. & Seebacher, C. & Hoche, R. (Till Photonics) Imaging microscopy redefined [PDF]
MO-AF3-PAR-B Carl Zeiss presentations (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Dickinson, M. Quantitative, dynamic laser scanning microscopy: perspectives on hemodynamic forces [PDF]
Wilson, T. Structured illumination microscopy [PDF]
Tille, S. Counting on your image - advanced imaging and quantitative analysis in laser scanning microscopy [PDF]
Schuster, N. Laser microdissection for microscopy applications [PDF]

Tuesday, April 6th

8:30am-10:15amPlenary session
TU-MO1-PLEN (Palmaire 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Zipfel, W.R. Applications of multiphoton microscopy and nonlinear excitation [PDF]
Pourrezaei, K. Application of nano optical tools to single cell imaging [PDF]
Waggoner, A.S. & Ballou, B. & Lagerholm, B.C. & Ernst, L.A. & Bruchez, M.P. Quantum dots for in vivo imaging in mice [PDF]
10:50am-12:30pmParallel sessions
TU-MO2-PAR-A Biological imaging (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Segers-Nolten, I. & Lenferink, A. & Kassies, R. & Roche, Y. & Subramaniam, V. & Otto, C. Spectral imaging: From single molecules to cells [PDF]
Kahn, E. & Lizard, G. & Dumas, D. & Frouin, F. & Todd-Pokropek, A. Confocal analysis of fluorescent MRI contrast agent behavior [PDF]
Dobrucki, J.W. & Bernas, T. & Zarebski, M. & Cook, P.R. The role of oxygen and photon flux in photobleaching during confocal microscopy of fluorescent probes bound to chromatin [PDF]
Krol, S. & Schneider, M. & Magrassi, R. & Federici, F. & Vicidomini, G. & Gliozzi, A. & Diaspro, A. Nanocapsules - Valuable tool for refinement of the microscope [PDF]
Storz, R. & Gugel, H. & Rygiel, R. Compact and fast 4Pi beam scanning microscope for imaging fixed and live cells [PDF]
TU-MO2-PAR-B Raman & CARS (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Otto, C. & Manen, H.J. & Uzunbajakava, N. Raman imaging combined with 2-photon excited fluorescence imaging [PDF]
Manen, H.W.J. van & Uzunbajakava, N. & Bruggen, R. van & Roos, D. & Otto, C. Confocal Raman imaging of cytochrome b558 in single cells [PDF]
Potma, E.O. & Evans, C.L. & Nan, X. & Yang, W. & Xie, X.S. Applications of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy to cell biology [PDF]
Rinia, H.A. & Wurpel, G.W.H. & Brakenhoff, G.J. & Müller, M. Shot-noise limited detection sensitivity in multiplex CARS microscopy of single lipid bilayers [PDF]
Nan, X. & Cheng, J.X. & Potma, E.O. & Xie, X.S. Active transport of lipid droplets in live cells studied with CARS microscopy [PDF]
2:00pm-3:20pmParallel sessions
TU-AF1-PAR-A Fluorescence microscopy techniques (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Seebacher, C. & Walter, J. & Hoche, R. & Uhl, R. A fast digitally controlled XY-scan-head with stationary objective aperture illumination [PDF]
Fu, L. & Gan, X. & Gu, M. Use of a single-mode fibre coupler for second harmonic generation microscopy [PDF]
Legros, P. & Choquet, D. & Mottay, E. & Deguil, N. & Salin, F. & Cognet, L. Comparative study of infrared fluorescence generation efficiency in multiphoton microscopy [PDF]
Becker, W. & Bergmann, A. & Biscotti, G. & Riemann, I. & König, K. Multi-wavelength TCSPC fluorescence lifetime imaging [PDF]
TU-AF1-PAR-B Various Microscopy (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Tsai, P.S. & Friedman, B. & Ifarraguerri, A.I. & Schaffer, C.B. & Lev-Ram, V. & Tsien, R.Y. & Kleinfeld, D. All-optical histology for the large-scale mapping of cellular and vascular distributions in rodent brain [PDF]
Rohrbach, A. & Stelzer, E.H.K. Imaging the interactions of optically trapped particles [PDF]
Koidis, P. & Paraskevopulos, K.M. & Sararoiu, M. & Dan, C. & Stanciu, G.A. Investigation of increasing hydroxyapatite formation by confocal laser scanning laser microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. [PDF]
Smalyukh, I.I. & Senyuk, B.I. & Shiyanovskii, S.V. & Lavrentovich, O.D. 3D - imaging of orientational strucrtures in liquid crystals using fluorescence confocal polarizing microscopy [PDF]
3:50pm-5:30pmParallel sessions
TU-AF2-PAR-A Non-linear biological imaging (Palmaire 2 & 3)
König, K. Multiphoton microscopy and tomography of human skin [PDF]
Nishimura, N. & Schaffer, C.B. & Friedman, B. & Tsai, P.S. & Lyden, P.D. & Kleinfeld, D. Targeted microvascular disruption in rat cortex using ultrashort laser pulses [PDF]
Palero, J. & Latouche, G. & Bruijn, H.S. de & Gerritsen, H.C. & Sterenborg, H.J.C.M. Nonlinear microscopy for non-invasive diagnosis of superficial cancer [PDF]
Zandvoort, M. van & Douma, K. & Mulder, W. & Habets, J. & Nicolay, K. & Slaaf, D. Two-photon imaging of liposome uptake by intact, inflamed mouse carotid arteries [PDF]
Iyer, V. & Hoogland, M. & Losavio, B.E. & Saggau, P. Multi-photon microscopy of living nerve cells using acousto-optic laser-scanning [PDF]
TU-AF2-PAR-B Microscopy techniques (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Stelzer, E.H.K. & Swoger, J. & Huisken, J. High & isotropic resolution with large samples in the selective plane illumination microscope (SPIM) [PDF]
Huisken, J. & Swoger, J. & Stelzer, E.H.K. Isotropic resolution and optical manipulation in multiview microscopy [PDF]
King, S.V. & Cogswell, C.J. Making quantitative DIC microscopy a reality [PDF]
Shribak, M. & Oldenbourg, R. Scanned aperture polarizing microscope [PDF]
Kao, F.J. & Hong, X. Nano-Particle based plasmonics microscopy [PDF]

Wednesday, April 7th

9:00am-10:20amParallel sessions
WE-MO1-PAR-A Tuning the microscope resolution (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Baer, S.C. Improving lateral resolution in the STED microscope [PDF]
Bewersdorf, J. & Schmidt, R. & Hell, S.W. Comparison of I5M- and 4Pi-microscopy [PDF]
Chang, H.F. & Chou, C. & Yau, H.F. & Chan, Y.H. & Wu, J.S. Zeeman laser scanning confocal microscopy (ZLSCM) for imaging through scattering media [PDF]
Dyba, M. & Hell, S.W. Immunofluorescence STED-microscopy at ~50 nm resolution [PDF]
WE-MO1-PAR-B Optical theory II (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Booth, M.J. & Schwertner, M. & Wilson, T. Specimen induced aberrations: new methods for their measurement and representation [PDF]
Braat, J.J.M. & Dirksen, P. & Janssen, A.J.E.M. & Nes, A.S. van de Quality assessment of focusing optics by aberration retrieval using the extended Nijboer-Zernike diffraction theory [PDF]
Munro, P.R.T. & Török, P. Investigations to the use of Gauss-Laguerre beams with n objective lenses in confocal microscopy [PDF]
Schwertner, M. & Li, Z. & Booth, M.J. & Wilson, T. Measurement and simple adjustment of spherical aberration for confocal microscopy [PDF]
10:50am-12:30pmParallel sessions
WE-MO2-PAR-A Image processing for multidimensional microscopy (Palmaire 2 & 3)
Zhang, Y. & Yuan, Y. & Holmes, T.J. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer imaging by maximum likelihood estimation [PDF]
Davis, L.M. & Shen, G.Q. & Ball, D.A. Improved understanding of fluorescence microscopy experiments by use of simulations [PDF]
Wong, S.C.H. & Cai, Y. & Guan, Y.Q. & Ang, J.Y. & Xiong, Z.W. & Zhang, X. & Lu, B.F. & Opas, M. Knowledge enhanced cellular visualization using 3D confocal images [PDF]
Gao, J. & Murmann, A. & Lichter, P. & Eils, R. New 3D computational tools to evaluate the spatial arrangement of potential translocation partner genes in fixed nuclei [PDF]
Zhou, Y. & Toh, Y. An estimation method for cell counting in 3-D using bayesian classification [PDF]
WE-MO2-PAR-B Detection, calibration and analysis (Palmaire 4 & 5)
Coates, C. & Denvir, D. & Hollywood, M. Electron multiplying CCD technology and its impact on ultra low-light microscopy [PDF]
Brakenhoff, G.J. & Zwier, J.M. Fluorescence calibration layers for absolute quantification in 2D and image characterization in 3D fluorescence microscopy [PDF]
Zucker, R.M. & Lerner, J.M. Confocal microscopy system performance:QA tests, quantitation and spectroscopy [PDF]
Vohnsen, B. & Iglesias, I. & Artal, P. Cone-mosaic imaging in the living human eye with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope [PDF]
Sharpe, J. Optical projection tomography: A new approach for 3D microscopy [PDF]
2:00pm-4:15pmPlenary session
WE-AF-PLEN (Palmaire 2, 3, 4 & 5)
Valet, G. A human cytome project: fiction or challenge? [PDF]
Tárnok, A. & Gerstner, A.O.H. & Mittag, A. & Laffers, W. & Lenz, D. N-color analysis of biological specimens by slide based cytometry: An important analytical tool in cytomics [PDF]
Osta, P. van & Vanherck, B. The M^5 framework for exploring the cytome [PDF]
Hewitt, S.M. Confocal imaging meets tissue microarrays: high throughput biology moves to the next level [PDF]

A special round of discussion is planned to address the idea of a human cytome project. Invited keynote speaker is Guenter K. Valet, MPI for Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany. The title is: A human cytome project: fiction or challenge?

Conference Dinner
FOM2004 will host a conference dinner on Tuesday April 6, from 6-10 pm. The location is THE ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES. Complementary transportation between the Sheraton and the Academy is provided by Drexel University. Starting with a reception, participants will have access to a live butterfly and genome exhibit. Seated dinner will be in the Dinosaur hall. Please consider this unique event during conference registration.