Focus on Microscopy 1999, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany 

Poster Session

The poster session is scheduled  Tuesday, 13 April afternoon.

The format of the poster boards is 100cm by 100cm. Adhesive tape will be provided.


Name First Name Title

General Interest

1 Lindek Steffen BioImage, the database of biological microscopy data

Optical Theory

2 Martinez-Corral Manuel Superresolution in confocal imaging systems by means of doubly Hermitian phase-only pupil filters
3 Martinez-Corral Manuel Axial superresolution by oblique two-dimensional nondiffracting cos beam illumination


4 Wachsmuth Malte Observation of fluorescent probes in intracellular structures using FCS
5 Squire Anthony Multi-frequency fluorescence lifetime imaging
Instrumentation - Supra/Ultra Resolution - Optical Trapping
6 Chmelik Radim Holographic confocal microscopy
7 Hausmann Michael High precision distance measurements of small labelled sites by interferometric scanning of the cell nucleus
8 Hoffmann Anja Optical trapping in laser scanning microscopy inside living plant cells
Biological Applications
9 Ahmed Khalid The use of confocal fluorescence microscopy to examine the targeting of lip
10 Bluhm Bodil A. Autofluorescent lipofuscin as an age marker for benthic polar crustaceans
11 Boi Silvia A method of quantitative measurement of DNA cellular content by laser scanning microscopy
12 Bunthof Christine Fluorescent assessment of lactococcus lactis viability
13 Heun Patrick Subnuclear localization of late- and early firing origins in yeast
14 Kriete Andres Analysis and simulation of terminal air spaces of lung by Micro-CT and C
15 Mayboroda Oleg Three-dimensional morphometrical analysis of hippocampal neurons
16 Neu Thomas R. Assessment of lectin-binding-analysis to charaterize complex microbial communities
17 Pedreschi Franco Studying oil location in fried potato slices using confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM)
18 Perrod Severine Localization and functional characterization of yeast Sir2 and HST proteins
19 Rosqvist Roland The pH6 antigen of Yersinia pestis is induced inside the phagolysosome of macrophages
20 Wu Jian Ping A 3D study of the alteration of the chondrocytes during a range of mechanical force applied to cartilage
Applications, Material and Industrial
21 Hopkinson Ian Confocal microscopy in polymer and colloid science
22 Stanciu George Chracterization fo the HgBr2 by using confocal scanning laser microscopy
23 Wendt Ulrich Fracture surface quantification on brittle steel using CLSM

2D/3D Image Processing

24 Løvhaugen Odd A Matlab program for calibration of topographic maps obtained by CLSM
25 Stubbings Thomas Improving 3D visualisation of image stacks by correction of inhomogeneous sample illumination

Multiphoton Technology and Applications

26 Joanidopoulos Konstantin D. Biologcial limitations to multi-photon microscopy
27 Diaspro Alberto Architecture for TPE using a single pinhole scanning head

Live Cell Microscopy

28 Dijksterhuis Jan Spitzenkörper dynamics in living germlings of the cow pea rust
29 Dobrucki Jurek Tyrosinated alpha-tubulin regions in fibroblast microtubules
30 Kues Thorsten Visualization of single protein molecules in the cell cucleus by video-enhanced fluorescence microscopy
31 Laroche Thierry The dynamics of yeast telomeres and silencing proteines through the yeast cell cycle
32 Lodemann Peter Imaging of live PC12 and Bovine Chromaffin cells by multifocal multiphoton microscopy
33 Sivaguru Mayandi Aluminium induced alteration in the intracellular calcium levels depends on the growth-phase of tobacco cells
34 Walczysko Petr Determination of intracellular calcium concentrations in plant tissue using Fluo-3 and Fura Red
35 Zuschratter Werner Visualization of dendritic dynamics in hippocampal cell cultures

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