University of Sydney
15-17 April 1998

Accompanying Members' Programme

Guide and coordinator, Eileen Sheppard

Wednesday 15th 14.00 Excursion by Rolls-Royce to Koala Park.
Friday 17th 14.00 Tour by Rolls-Royce to Watson's Bay, South Head and Bondi Beach


Wednesday 15 April 1998

9.00 Opening

Instrumentation 1 - Chair: A. Kriete

9.15 I1.1 HELL, Nagorni, Schrader and Bahlmann
Superresolution through 4Pi-confocal microscopy in cellular imaging

9.35 I1.2 SPRING, Methe, Guttmann, Schneider, Rudilph and Schmall
Progress in Transmission X-Ray Microscopy: Visualization of Structural Details of Hydrated Biological Specimens at High Resolution

9.55 I1.3 JUSKAITIS, Neil and Wilson
Experimental determination of imaging characteristics of high aperture objective lenses.

10.15 I1.4 Buist, BRAKENHOF, Squier, Bardeen, Yakovlev and Wilson
pH Dependent Fluorescence Yield in Saturation Excitation with Chirped Short Pulses

10.35 I1.5 TÖRÖK, Higdon and Wilson
Theoretical aspects of polarised light microscopy

10.55 Break

Multiphoton 1 - Chair: S. Kawata

11.10 M1.1 Buist, Müller and BRAKENHOFF
Real time two-photon microscopy using lenslet array multi point excitation

11.30 M1.2 HELL, Bewersdorf and Straub
Multifocal Multiphoton Microscopy (MMM) for (time-resolved) 3D-imaging of live cells

11.50 M1.3 GAUDERON, Lukins and Sheppard
Three-dimensional second harmonic generation imaging using femtosecond laser pulses

12.10 M1.4 MÜLLER, Squier, Simon and Brakenhoff
Dispersion of femtosecond optical pulses in high-numerical aperture microscope objectives


Theory 1 - Chair: R. Pike

14.00 T1.1 SHEPPARD and Török
Effects of Fresnel number in focusing

14.20 T1.2 TÖRÖK and Sheppard
Focusing of electro--magnetic waves at finite Fresnel numbers

14.40 T1.3 HIGDON, Török and Wilson
Imaging properties of high aperture multiphoton fluorescence microscopes

15.00 T1.4 SHEPPARD and Aguilar
Confocal imaging of planes and spheres

15.20 T1.5 SHARMA and Sheppard
Axial response in fibre-optical confocal systems of high numerical aperture

Applications 1 - Chair: G. Cox

14.00 A1.1 MAYER, Quasthoff and Grafe
Confocal imaging reveals activity-dependent intracellular Ca2+ transients in nociceptive human nerve fibers

14.20 A1.2 Massensini, Moraes-Santos, Gomez, Prado and ROMANO-SILVA
Calcium Confocal Imaging in the Investigation of the Effects of Na+-channel Toxins in Cultured Cells

14.40 A1.3 ESTERMAN, Wagner and Williams
Multi-dimensional microscopic analysis of oncolytic drug-induced changes in cytoskeletal structure

15.40-16.00 Break

Multiphoton 2 - Chair: G. Brakenhoff

16.00 M2.1 KAWATA and Maruo
Three-dimensional micro-fabrication with a two-photon laser microscope

16.20 M2.2 Gu and Day
Spherical aberration in three-dimensional optical data storage using two-photon microscopy

16.40 M2.3 TORIUMI, Kawate, Gu
A readout method for 3 dimensional optical memory using a reflection confocal microscope.

Applications 2 - Chair: P. Fekete

16.00 A2.1 COX and Dibbayawan
The mechanisms of motility - three dimensional electron microscopy of the flagellar root apparatus of unicellular algae

16.20 A2.2 Gray and KOLESIK
3D Visualisation of Grape Berry Cells

16.40 A2.3 MATHEY and Lukins
Spatial distribution of perylenequinones in lichens and quincyte (rock) using confocal fluorescence microscopy

Thursday 16 April 1998

Multiphoton 3 - Chair: P-C Cheng

9.00 M3.1 MÜLLER,Squier and Brakenhoff
Non-linear optical imaging with femtosecond pulses

9.20 M3.2 HELL, Bahlmann and Schrader
Studies with 2-photon excitable monomolecular layers

9.40 M3.3 XIE, Holtom, Sanchez, Novotny and Arnett
New Developments of Two-Photon Microscopy

10.00 Break

Super-resolution - Chair: T. Wilson

10.30 SR.1 BRAKENHOFF, Oijen, Kohler, Müller and Schmidt
Three-dimensional super-resolution imaging of single molecules by spectrally selective confocal microscopy

10.50 SR.2 EGNER and Hell
Focal shift and phase matched variation by refractive index mismatch induced spherical aberrations

11.10 SR.3 Brand, HESTER, Grochmalicki, Pike, Akduman and Bertero
Superresolving masks for incoherent high-numerical-aperture scanning microscopy in three dimensions

11.30 SR.4 DING
Super-resolution of bounded object in propagating field and unlimited object in near-field, a Simple fourier analysis approach

11.50 SR.5 SARAFIS
Superresolution in X, Y and Z using multiphoton confocal microscopy

12.10 SR6 DING
Superresolution through combination of cone axicons in confocal microscopy

Image Processing 1 - Chair: C. Cogswell

10.30 IP1.1 PUDNEY
Feature Detection Using Local Energy for 3D Confocal Microscope Images

10.50 IP1.2 KEITH, Gay and Lyman
A stereological correction procedure for binary particles

11.10 IP1.3 HARPER, Dopheide and Jackson
Confocal Microscopy and 3D Techniques for quantitative analysis of platelet adhesion and hrombus formation in a flow system

11.30 IP1.4 JONES
Interactive clipping of marching-cubes iso-surface visualisations

11.50 IP1.5 EILS, Sätzler, Tvaruskó, Bentele, Saracuglu and Speicher
A spectral Method for fully automated karyotyping by multi-color chromosome painting in combination with filter based Light Microscopy

12.10 IP1.6 Tvaruskó, Bentele, Sätzler and EILS
A novel approach to time resolved image analysis and multi-dimensional visualization for the study of dynamic processes in the cell nucleus

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00 Posters

P1 Anderson, CRANFIELD, Cadusch and Wood A device for visualising biological cells using a confocal microscope during exposure to microwave energy
P2 CRONIN, Fekete, Arnison, Cogswell Frequency response characterisation of a confocal microscope scanning stage using a knife edge optical technique
P3 FUJIMURA et al. Correspondence between illumination & collection mode scanning near-field optical images of ordered polystyrene particle layers.
P4 FURUNO, Tenjinbaru and Nakanishi Cytoplasmic and nuclear mobilization of NF-kB with a green fluorescent protein
P5 HINES, BROOKS, et al. Insect viral pathogens: green insecticides and apoptosis
P6 KOESTER, Schaller, Brugger, Baur and Uhl Damage in two-photon laser scanning microscopy and how to reduce it by external detection
P7 LUKINS, Rehman, Stevens An integrated-optic scanning surface reflectance microscope
P8 MAYER, Quasthoff and Grafe Confocal imaging reveals activity-dependent Ca transients in nociceptive human nerve fibres
P9 ROY et al. A novel differential interference contrast method using multiple beam shearing interferometry
P10 VAN RAAIJ, Boon and Verbeek Database for image acquisition and processing for high resolution 3D reconstructions of serial sections

Instrumentation 3: Scanning - Chair: P. Török

15.00 I3.1 WILSON, Juskaitis and Neil
A novel method of achieving structured illumination for optically sectioning microscopy

15.20 I3.2 HANLEY, Verveer and Jovin
The Programmable Array Microscope (PAM)

14.50 I3.3 TIAN, Ding and Bao
Parallel confocal technique for three-dimensional optical detection with micro-optic arrays component

16.00 I3.4 COGSWELL, Beltrami, Cronin and Love
Single-plane illumination, fast fluorescence imaging microscopy

16.20 I3.5 CRONIN, Fekete, Arnison and Cogswell
Frequency Response Characterisation of a Confocal Microscope Scanning Stage using a Knife Edge Optical Technique

Friday 17 April 1998

Adaptive optics and phase retrieval - Chair: J. Pawley

9.00 AO.1 FEKETE
Adaptive optics on a confocal microscope

9.20 AO.2 ARNISON, Fekete and Cogswell
Phase retrieval techniques for adaptive optics on a confocal microscope

9.40 AO.3 BOOTH, Neil and Wilson
Aberration correction for confocal imaging in refractive index mismatched media

10.00 AO.4 BARTY, Paganin, Nugent and Roberts
Quantitative optical phase-amplitude microscopy

10.20 AO.5 Larkin and SHEPPARD
Non-interferometric reconstruction of complex wavefields from intensity measurements

10.40-11.00 Break

Instrumentation 4 - Chair: M. Gu

11.00 I4.1 PAWLEY, Blouke and Janesick
High-QE Photodetector for Laser Confocal

11.20 I4.2 BRADBURN, Cathey and Dowski
Extended depth of field for light microscope systems

11.40 I4.3 REINHOLZ, Eikelboom, van Saarlos and Ashman
A tuneable, confocal beam scanning system with quick stereo imaging capability

12.00 I4.4 CRONIN and Cogswell
Theory, Calibration and Initial testing of a Laser Doppler Microscope

12.20 I4.5 SMITH, Cogswell, Fekete, Arnison, Hariharan
Phase-shifting techniques linearise the microscope phase response in a confocal microscope operating in the differential interference contrast (DIC) mode

12.40 I4.6 ROY, Matsuda, O’Byrne, Fekete, Eiju and Shepperd
A Novel Differential Interference Contrast Method using Multiple Beam Shearing Interferometry

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Fluorescence - Chair: J. Pawley

14.00 F.1 CODY, Reilly, Bowser, Lynch and Williams
A New quantitative Ca2+ imaging method using conventional (visible light) confocal microscopy

14.20 F.2 SERRANO, Fekete, Cogswell, Beltrami, Samoc, Samoc and Love
Investigation of an up-converting fluorescent dye

14.40 F.3 BRADL
The spectral confocal microscope Leica TCS/SP: Principles, technical realization and applications

Turbid media - Chair: S. Hell

14.00 T.1 Blanca and SALOMA
Monte Carlo analysis of two-photon fluorescence excitation imaging in a turbid medium

14.20 T.2 Gan, Schilders and Gu
Microscopic imaging through turbid media

14.40 T.3 SCHILDERS, Gan and Gu
Differential polarization microscopic imaging through turbid media

Near field microscopy - Chair: C. Sheppard

15.00 NF.1 KAWATA and Sugiura
40-nm gold bead scanning near field microscope with laser-force position control

15.20 NF.2 WANG and Méndez
Calculations of the reflected near-field intensity by sub-wavelength structures

15.40 NF.3 KE and Gu
Laser trapping for near-field microscopy

Image processing 2 - Chair: A. Jones

15.00 IP2.1 KRIETE
Image quality criteria for microscopic image deconvolution

15.20 IP2.2 WILLIAMS
The Open Microscopy Software Forum

A self calibrating volume restoration algorithm

16.00-16.20 Break

Applications, materials and industrial - Chair: P. Török

Surface topography measured by CLSM and white light interferometry microscope. A Comparison

16.40 M.2 Xu, Conn, Filonenko and Parker
Determination of pulp fibre wall thickness from CLSM images

17.00 M.3 STANCIU, Oud, Davitti and Polychroniadis
2D and 3D images obtained on the HgBr2 and HgBrI semiconductor crystals using confocal laser scanning microscopy and image processing

Applications 3 - Chair: C. Cogswell

16.20 A3.1 WATKINS, Alber and Shwarz
Resolution vs. sensitivity: reconciling confocal and immuno-EM data from studies of the skeletal muscle membrane cytoskeleton

16.40 A3.2 NAKANISHI, Furuno and Kawaura
Confocal and probe microscopy for studying gene transfection mediated by cationic liposomes with a cationic cholesterol derivative

17.00 A3.3 HAN, Yen, Daniel, Heiss, Birdwell, Sawyer-Glover and Glover
Optimized dynamic 3D spiral breast MRI to better differentiate malignant from benign lesions

17.20 A3.4 VO, Patworth, Delaney, Barkler and King
In vivo mapping of vascular changes in skin burns of anaesthetised mice by fibre optic confocal imaging (FOCI): comparison with vascular casting

18.00 Reception, Physical Optics Department